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  • Regina Collins

Chapters Out of Gods Play Book - Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1 Words of Wisdom

Stress: The state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

Faith: Complete trust in God

Stress reacts while faith responds.

Stress requires action, while faith brings recovery.

Stress reports the problems seen, while faith rests in the answers not seen.

Stress brings restrictions, while faith replies with peace.

Stress rebels against hope, while faith reaches for hope.

Stress repels wisdom, while faith renews your resolve.

Stress rents, while faith owns.

Stress reflects and refuses life, while faith resets the heart towards life.

Stress corrupts, while faith perfects.

Stress contaminates, while faith refines.

Stress adulterates, while faith upgrades.

Stress reverts to the old, while faith regenerates.

Stress delays decisions, while faith chooses


Chapter 2 Words of Knowledge

Normal is gone...left the building. The 'new normal' is non-existent. What is left is that things will never be the same. Same has left the building with normal...holding hands and left the room.

Setting the stage for an unimaginable transformation. Left in the capable hands of Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Our Father God. Who is in charge and who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Our God is immutable, that is unchanging.


There is no variableness, no shadow of turning. James 1:17

The reset that is here is going to com out of the void, the darkness that grows in the here and now. Just as it was in Genesis 1; when God brooded and hovered over the face of the water, the darkness and void. Then God sunk His spiritual teeth in and spoke into this place...LIGHT!

This time around, we are co creating. We are His light, His voice. Things are crumbling and falling into a place of void and darkness and will cover the face of this earth, the deep.

God is Hovering

He is near, He is poised! He looms with purpose and plans. His voice vibrates in our souls and spirit. He is circling in! He is brooding and sitting on our hearts. He offers protection and strength to not crack. He is humming his song of life and creation. He is in our orbit! A building made with out handles. His word is His hovercraft. His worship is a dance on our feet. His unsinkable will is about to be seen across the land! The submersing of His love is finding a home in our hearts!

Be patient saints!

Chapter 3 The CIA of God's Kingdom

The Corporate "I AM"!

Bringing heaven here on the Earth. The EKKLESIA is our nations first line of defense. We can accomplish what others cannot. Do and go where others cannot go and do. The Holy Spirit will give us and guide us into the heavenly intelligence that we will need to keep our world safe. We are the corporate body of Christ under the government of Jesus Christ. The executive directors are the Holy Spirit of Truth, our helper sent by Jesus, of whom this government rests upon His shoulders and our Father God whom Jesus does only what he sees his father doing.


Unlike our Federal run CIA, we do have law enforcement function! THE LAW OF LOVE!!


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