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  • Regina Collins

House of Mirrors Chapter 5


One Big Anxious World!

Anxiety can alter what we are conscious of , and in turn the way we experience reality! The globe, our nation has us in a huge gaslighting chamber of distorted truths, lies, manipulations and so on. They do this by keeping us in an anxious environment. They are actually shaping our world views and belief systems in very specific and predictable ways. We are being warped, twisted and shaped.

Anxiety can be so overwhelming to our brains that it can alter our sense of reality! Stress and trauma have the same effect. How can people believe the lies that are being told, every day lies, undercover lies, bold face lies, not true lies? By keeping us guessing, by subtle lies and constant badgering. This effects our emotional reasoning abilities.

The past 4 years we have been in one of the most clever take overs. The goal was and is to destroy our emotional reasoning abilities and our common sense. This is a pattern in which our emotional reactions or our feelings lead us to believe that something is true. Even when the empirical evidence tells us otherwise!

There will be darkness, a deep darkness on this earth; results will be a distorted image perception of pictures. A distorted reality and a sense of distorted thinking with a very distorted view. We are in a realm of a house of mirrors. We must get off this ride and leave this carnival of lies and control...ASAP!


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