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  • Regina Collins

The Corporate Quiet of God - part 1

The deep silence of His presence is more than just being quiet and more than positioning yourselves to just hear Him. It is the realm of his presence and the depth of His place.

All is still.

It is a place of now,

A place of the eternal,

A place of eternity,

A place where past, present and future lives.

Ground zero!

It is the narrow...

The narrow gate that leads to life!

The corporate quiet of God's presence speaks volumes. It is the peace that passes all our understandings, all the things we dare to understand and know. This is what God wants us to know and be. A place of wonderment; a place where even time stands still.

The depth of the corporate quiet of God goes beyond just being quiet and settling yourselves. It goes beyond clearing your mind, your to do list, song list, etc.. What would flow from this place I asked myself?


Change in the way you see and observe. The bigger picture narrows and its details are in bold letters and becomes easier to read. You will get a sense of how the past, the now and the future are somehow rolled up into one. This changes everything. Everything sharpens from your sight, insight, gifts, tools and tongue. The corporate quiet of God is here and it is not what you think it is, but it is to be experienced and foundational. It is the same presence as when Jesus died on the cross, when he rose from the dead and when he ascended to his father.

It is in your DNA!

You were born again with it and it is deep with in you. It is who you are. This is why the quiet deep wail heralds my place, my presence; abide in me and I abide in you. It is not a place to find but rather a place that is opened up to you to discover. The narrow gate.


What do you think My place is? Where is this place? It is a mystery for sure! Is it in your heart or in your soul? It is not in how much word you know, your gift, your calling or how many Sundays you attend church. This IS our first clue.

What does it mean to be corporate?

What part fits where?

Who exactly is to gather?

These are mysteries to be solved by you! Yes, I am involved, but will not do it by myself.

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