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  • Regina Collins

The Real Fight - A Portrait of Lying - Part 5

Little White Lies


Lying is a major component of the human behavioral repertoire! It is how we cope. We are trained to tell little white lies in the name of politeness. It seems that doing this we are allowed not to tell the truth! It is the exception to the rule?!

However, a Lie is a Lie!

We craft clever ways to lie and conceal them in bits of truth especially in social situations. We give them cute little names...

White Lies, Fibbing and Bending the Truth!

We give them just a bit of pretense to smooth out our human relationships without doing harm.

However, a Lie is a Lie!

A lies bottom line is an untruthful intention to deceive! Are we "wired to lie"? There is an electrical stimulation of the prefrontal cortex that appears to improve our ability to deceive. This region at the front of our brain is responsible for executive control, which includes the progress of planning and regulating emotions and behaviors!

Romans 12 tells it urges us to conform no longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Ephesians 4:23, to be renewed in the spirit of our minds and 1 Peter 1:13 be sober-minded. There are many...many scriptures in both the new and old testament encouraging, instructing and commanding us to be truthful, honest, not to lie and have discretion.

We must renew our minds, rewire our ability to be in truth. A little white lie can open up a very big door to dishonesty. People who lie have two audiences; other people and themselves! They can lie about two different kinds of things; what they believe to be facts and their values. Values are how we want to be and what we stand for. Values are how we want to relate to the world around us. This single statement should give you great insight to the world we live in now. How people lie, believe this lie, and refuse the truth.

What am I trying to tell you, is that a lie is a lie! God is trying to tie up loose ends, sharpening our minds, cleaning up our words and tongues! Teaching us how to spot a lie, however subtle it is. Not so we can point a finger and cry...


Lies compromise us, no matter the reason or heart motivation to engage in the lie.

Because, a Lie is a Lie!

In the Lords prayer it is said forgive us our trespasses and we forgive those who TRESPASS AGAINST US! To trespass is to enter into another persons property, a violation. In our world of social rules we walk a fine line of the dance of lies. Some have learned how to craft believable lies, herein, we have learned how to lie to ourselves. We believe the lies whispered into our ears, hearts and thoughts. The lies the enemy points out like, "did God really say that?".

Lying to ourselves and others is nothing more than self deception. We get this ball rolling and end up distorting our own values of reality. The enemy has upped the games on this platform. Even though they are bold faced lies, deception and obvious. We get caught up in a trap of how do I respond? They are training us to suppress the Truth!

A double minded man is unstable in all ways! Two faced, two hearts, double tongued behavior laced with little white lies. These harmful tales first and upfront is lying to ourselves. Lying like this compromises trust. We lie to ourselves, not all lies are created equal! We become delusional! Why would we lie to ourselves? It is a way of reconciling contradictory beliefs. Lying to yourselves helps one escape the fact that they were wrong all along, this comes from pride and fear! We cannot make excuses anymore or blame others for our own ability to manipulate our beliefs and craft them to live the way we want to live and be seen.


We must renew our minds and rewire our ability to be the truth. Bottom line is, if you lie you will behave dishonestly! God is zeroing in on our coping mechanisms. His goal is to draw us fully into His covenant; draw us into the truth. Remember Jesus said,

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

This involves our whole being - body, soul and spirit! Zeroing is an adjustment to zero! It is when you set your sights for firing. God is about to fire us up, our tongues, his glory and his purposes. He is directing his full attention on his target, which is OUR HEARTS!!


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