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  • Regina Collins

The Real Fight - Little White Lies - Part 3


Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit. Psalms 34:13

Some believe white lies are innocuous, polite and seen as a reason of why to be polite and demonstrate social manners.

However, a lie is a lie!

White lies are believed to be used for beneficial purposes, as opposed to being totally honest. In some cases not using these lies would create unpleasantness or be offensive.

However, a lie is a lie!


What motivates us to lie?


Little misused words formed into a little white lies are created in order to be polite and spare another persons feelings. They are nothing more than fancy dressed clothed excuses for not wanting to be honest. You not only lie to another person, you first lie to yourself.

It is called psychological compensation!

Another side to telling little white lies is one can find themselves wanting to be in control. When the truth of a situation doesn't agree with such control, they produce a lie that does. The word 'little' somehow makes this lie harmless.

However, a lie is a lie!


A lie is not telling the truth. A lie is not being honest with yourself as well as others. What drives this; such a person worries they wont be respected if the truth can leave them looking poorly. It is a backdoor, hidden pride that accompanies a little white lie.

Honesty creates trust, trust is a cornerstone to any relationship.

It is just a little white lie that can and does often lead to bigger, more well crafted lies.

We tell ourselves a little white lie is harmless to make another person feel good, in order to keep the peace!

However, a lie is a lie!

We must examine our triggers. Usually the little white lie slips out before we can even catch it. Triggers do that, words do that before you can get a second thought in. Next thing you know you have constructed a little white lie and blurted it out!

We must look and think about the kind of lies you tell. How are those words are crafted.


As a man thinks, he is!

However, a lie is a lie!


White lies, green lies, BIG lies or good lies! A lie is a lie!!


Lies are usually told for one or two reasons:

  1. The deceptive person believes they have more to gain from lying then from being honest and telling the truth.

  2. The deceptive person is incapable of discerning what the truth is

White lies and laziness go hand in hand. One might be too lazy to deal with the truth and avoid the drama and extra explanation would take to tell how you really feel about the truth. The lies are often referred to as "real lies" because, they are rather small and inconsequential.

However, a lie is a lie!

What is wrong with a palatable white lie is that it seems better than blurting out the offense or honest truth. Some might say that those who always tell the truth even when the truth is embarrassing and hurtful are viewed as unequipped for the social dance in our present modern societies.

These are the words we lose in dancing with the harmless little white lie. Its a deep work on our fight for words. Your discretion will preserve you. It is the safeguard of our mouths and hearts. To have discretion is to behave and speak discreetly and carefully. To be circumspect in our words and actions.

Our words have the power to accelerate or decelerate life and death, our tongues are the gas drive carefully!

And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it; wicked fools will not go about on it. Isaiah 35:8


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