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  • Regina Collins

The Real Fight - WORDS - Part 2


Words; I began to see how difficult this was going to be to unravel exactly what God was really saying!

Our words are to be life and the measure of our words either produces life or death.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21

Words are not just spoken, they are listened too. When I listen to words, I listen to the use of the words, the tone and the body movements. You can even interpret the silences and hear everything that is not spoken...things they don't say.

While digging deeper into this campaign of words, I began to take stock of my own words. Sometimes we speak on auto pilot, respond with assumed words, and by saying words habitually. We are in a wrestling match for words, a struggle for us to be honest with ourselves and come before God with a transparent heart.


God is calling us to be better stewards of our words and of His Word. We are in a season on "giving an account" of every idle word(s) spoken! The enemies have ramped up this fight for our words, because they know there is power in the tongue!

This Real Fight is over words and grammar. This fight is trying to completely destroy the system and structure of our languages. It is changing the rules of words and rearranging the truth into lies!

Carefully dismantling the human language as a subtle form of control of our lives.

The Real Fight is to remove our sound, our voice, and the phonetics of our words. "They" want us

tongue tied!


I began to hear God's mystery of what he was saying. This Real Fight is fight is for the word made flesh and our words being His words.

In Truth and Love - Be Honest!

This fight sits in the arena of semantics, using words that technically mean the same thing, but the battle lays in the subtle shades of meaning. In simple terms, the enemy is gaslighting us! The semantics approach, or meaning and interpretations come in many forms. For example, we have manipulation which is the best form, symbolism, virtual signaling and so on. All undermining the government of words. It is the changing of the rules that govern how words work and what they mean. Getting us all overwhelmed and drowning us in a murky swamp of words. This is the real climate change! Even the earth and nature tilt their heads and groan for our words!

“In all major socializing forces you will find an underlying movement to gain and maintain power through the use of words. From witch doctor to priest to bureaucrat it is all the same. A governed populace must be conditioned to accept power-words as actual things, to confuse the symbolized system with the tangible universe. In the maintenance of such a power structure, certain symbols are kept out of the reach of common understanding—symbols such as those dealing with economic manipulation or those which define the local interpretation of sanity. Symbol-secrecy of this form leads to the development of fragmented sub-languages, each being a signal that its users are accumulating some form of power.” Excerpt From: Herbert, Frank. “Children of Dune.” Penguin Publishing Group, 2008-06-03. Apple Books. This material may be protected by copyright.
Join us next week as we dive into our words!

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